ABO blood group does not influence Child-Pugh A cirrhosis outcome: An observational study from CIRRAL and ANRS CO12 CIRVIR cohorts

Ollivier-Hourmand I, Repesse Y, Nahon P, Chaffaut C, Dao T, Nguyen TTN, Marcellin P, Roulot D, De Ledinghen V, Pol S, Guyader D, Archambeaud I, Zoulim F, Oberti F, Tran A, Bronowicki JP, D’Alteroche L, Ouzan D, Peron JM, Zarski JP, Bourliere M, Larrey D, Louvet A, Cales P, Abergel A, Mathurin P, Mallat A, Blanc JF, Nguyen-Khac E, Riachi G, Alric L, Serfaty L, Antonini T, Moreno C, Attali P, Thabut D, Pilette C, Grange JD, Silvain C, Carbonell N, Bernard-Chabert B, Goria O, Wartelle C, Moirand R, Christidis C, Perlemuter G, Ozenne V, Henrion J, Hillaire S, Di Martino V, Amiot X, Sutton A, Barget N, Chevret S, Ganne-Carrie N; ANRS CO12 CIRVIR, CIRRAL groups.


Background and aims: Non-O blood group promotes deep vein thrombosis and liver fibrosis in both general population and hepatitis C. We aimed to evaluate the influence of Non-O group on the outcome of Child-Pugh A cirrhotic patients.

Methods: We used two prospective cohorts of Child-Pugh A cirrhosis due to either alcohol or viral hepatitis. Primary end point was the cumulated incidence of ‘Decompensation’ at 3 years, defined as the occurrence of ascites , hydrothorax, encephalopathy, gastrointestinal bleeding related to portal hypertension, or bilirubin >45 μmol/L. Secondary end points were the cumulated incidences of (1) ‘Disease Progression’ including a « decompensation» or « the occurrence of one or more parameters » among: prothrombin time (PT) <45%, albumin <28 g/L, Child-Pugh worsening (B or C vs A or B, C vs B), hepatorenal syndrome, and hepato-pulmonary syndrome, (2) other events such as non-malignant portal vein thrombosis (nmPVT), and (3) overall survival.

Results: Patients (n = 1789; 59.9% Non-O group; 40.1% group O) were followed during a median of 65.4 months. At 3 years cumulated incidence of Decompensation was 8.3% in Non-O group and 7.2% in group O (P = .27). Cumulated incidence of Disease Progression was 20.7% in Non-O group and 18.9% in group O (P = .26). Cumulated incidence of nmPVT was 2.7% in Non-O group and 2.8% in group O (P = .05). At 3 years overall survival was 92.4% in Non-O group and 93.4% in group O (P = 1).

Conclusion: Non-O group does not influence disease outcome in Child-Pugh A cirrhotic patients. 

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